MEGA Productivity tip 2 : Batch update with query tool

MEGA Productivity tip 2 : Batch update with query tool

In the previous article in the series of increasing your productivity with MEGA we discussed the usage of Favorites. Today we will have a look at something completely different, however for a lot of people as unknown as the Favorites : How to perform bulk updates in MEGA with the query tool.

Many people don’t know that if you need to update a characteristic of an object for multiple objects of the same type, eg applications, that you can do this via the query tool. This will greatly increase the productivity of modeling.

1. A new pop-up appears displaying the attributes (characteristics) of the application objects.


2. Select application stereotype and click the add button to add it to the right part of the screen (display these columns section).


3. Click the ok button. The result window will reload and the new field is displayed. In our example the value is not filled in for any of the applications.


4. Select all the applications (ctrl a). Hover with the mouse over the application stereotype column of one application and hit F2 (function key 2) to go in edit mode.


5. Select the right value, in this example we select business logic.


6. After we selected business logic, we hit the enter key to fill in the value for all other objects.


result of the bulk update

The update is executed.

If you have any issues in performing this at the office, feel free to contact me. In case you have some productivity tips of your own, feel free to share them with us.

For more information on the MEGA tool, check out the website!



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