MEGA Productivity tip 1 : Favorites

MEGA Productivity tip 1 : Favorites

This is the first post in a serie of tips to increase your productivity while working with MEGA. Today we deal with the Favorites feature in MEGA. As you might know, I have been working years with MEGA. However it’s only recently that I really started out with using Favorites and this is just so great that I turn it into my first tip for you.

First of all what are they? Favorites in MEGA can be seen as bookmarks in your internet browser. Actually it’s nothing more than that. It’s a way to tag something as a favorite and find it back easily in the future.

Why do I need them? If you are the only one working in the repository, you probably don’t need favorites. Although If you are working with MEGA the change is very little you are the only one in the repository. This means that a lot of people are adding content to the repository. Using the query tool is an excellent way to find back the objects you need to modify, however if you need to work on these objects over a large period of time it’s rather cumbersome to run a query every day to access the objects. In that case Favorites might be a good solution to get quick access to the objects required.

How to use Favorites? It’s very easy.

1. You right-click on the object you want to attach to your favorites and select Add to Favorites.

MEGA Add to Favorites










2. A pop-up will aks you to which favorites you like to add the object. Favorites is only visible for yourself and shared favorites are visible to anyone in the repository that has access to the object.

Favorits or Shared

3. To see all the objects in your favorites list you just go to View -> Favorites or click the Favorites icon in the toolbar. I have indicated both possibilities with a red square in the next screenshot.

Launch favorites window




4. Now the Favorites navigator opens from which you can access all your objects.

Result Favorites

5. Dispatch!! If you don’t dispatch, the favorites are gone next time you log-in.

6. To remove items from favorites, right-click on them in the favorites navigator and select disconnect.

TIP: you can use the query tool or explorer to find multiple objects you want to attach to favorites. Select them all and right-click => Add to favorites to attach them in one action instead one by one

When do I personally use them? As an administrator I’m using Favorites to get easy access to the technical deliverables I’m working on for a client. Below is a screenshot of that. Usually this is handy when you are working on macro’s attached as MetaAttributeUpdateTool, ToolCreator or Behaviour macro’s for perimeters. Favorites allow you to get quick access to the items.


When I’m working as an architect, I use this feature to group the important artifacts I need for my assignment. These consist normally of a view diagrams I need as reference material, the diagrams I’m working on and the important objects I need to modify.

I hope you will like this tip as much as I do.

For more information on MEGA, check out the website!


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