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Display used links for given metaclass

MEGA has an excellent feature for controlling the behaviour of certain functionalities as export, protection of objects etc. The feature is called perimeters. A perimeter is actually used to determine the scope of these functionalities. Using perimeters is not a difficult thing to do and we will cover this in one of the next topics. However it’s […]

MEGA Productivity tip 2 : Batch update with query tool

In the previous article in the series of increasing your productivity with MEGA we discussed the usage of Favorites. Today we will have a look at something completely different, however for a lot of people as unknown as the Favorites : How to perform bulk updates in MEGA with the query tool. Many people don’t […]

MEGA Productivity tip 1 : Favorites

This is the first post in a serie of tips to increase your productivity while working with MEGA. Today we deal with the Favorites feature in MEGA. As you might know, I have been working years with MEGA. However it’s only recently that I really started out with using Favorites and this is just so […]

8 Tips to boost user-friendliness in MEGA

MEGA is a large tool supporting many different disciplines of modeling like architecture, process management, risk management, audit etc. This results in an interface that might look overwhelming at the beginning. However MEGA has everything in house to actually tackle this. In this article we share you 8 valuable tips to make the tool lighter […]